Targeting a Triple Threat to Apple Scab

June 27, 2024

Researchers from Cornell University and the University of Minnesota are collaborating on a project to add more genetic layers of scab resistance to apple breeding lines, to make the disease resistance more durable in the face of pathogen evolution.

Approaching Food Holistically

June 17, 2024

This spring, students in FDSY 4101 Holistic Approaches to Improving Food System Sustainability presented their capstone projects at a Community Engagement Showcase!

A CFANS senior reflects and looks ahead

June 7, 2024

Graduating Plant Science senior Adynn Stedillie reflects on their journey through CFANS, from the challenges of a pandemic to flourishing in their interests

Meet Drew Horton

May 20, 2024

Meet Drew Horton, Enology Specialist and our very own research wine maker in our latest edition of, This is my Hort-Story!

Growing Success: Inside the Green Collar Scholars Program

May 7, 2024

This year the department launched the Green Collar Scholar (GCS) Undergraduate Scholarship! Students selected for this opportunity are given a chance to visually communicate their passion for horticultural science and convey what they are learning throughout their coursework.

Legacy of a Cultivator: Highlights from a Fruitful Career in Breeding

May 6, 2024

Professor Jim Luby will retire at the end of August after 41 years of unwavering dedication to academia!

Q & A with Julie Grossman

April 30, 2024

Professor Julie Grossman has been named Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, effective March 1st! In her new role, she provides collaborative leadership for initiatives that support and enhance the undergraduate experience within CFANS. 

2024 Alumni Award Recipient: Gail Hudson

April 11, 2024

Congratulations to our 2024 Alumni Award recipient, Gail Hudson, MPS class of '17! 

Nurturing Innovation: A closer look at UMN’s Plant Growth Facilities

March 26, 2024

The University of Minnesota’s horticulture program is one of the oldest in the United States with some of the most cutting-edge facilities to boot.

Meet Jayanti Suresh

February 23, 2024

Meet the many integral members of the department and learn about their horticultural career journey in our series, This is my Hort-Story