About Us

Our Mission

The Department of Horticultural Science is a diversified research-oriented organization that has a strong commitment to teaching and Extension/outreach. The primary mission of the department is to discover, interpret, and transfer new knowledge for the purpose of improving quality of life through a) improving productivity, value, and use of horticulture crops; b) contributing to a quality environment, and c) educating students.

Our Values

Community. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive culture that promotes professional excellence in horticultural science. Conscious of our effect on society and the natural world, we recognize the importance that our work be informed by numerous, diverse communities and leave a positive impact.

Diversity of Thought. We value diverse ideas and ways of thinking. We celebrate multidisciplinary and multicultural perspectives that broaden our lens and encourage us to think beyond narrowly defined solutions or limitations. We seek new opportunities for collaboration within and beyond our discipline because it leads us to be thoughtful, curious, and innovative.

Impact. We value the impact that stems from our education, research, and outreach activities. We are driven by the highly applied nature of the horticultural science discipline informed by rigorous basic science. We see ourselves as solutions-based researchers and educators, pursuing opportunities to use science to address societal needs.

Innovation. We embrace curiosity and the process of scientific inquiry. We promote the creativity, enthusiasm, and critical thinking that lead to inspiring visions and solutions for the future.

Excellence. We pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of our work, which is rooted in expert reviewed, evidence-based inquiry. We welcome challenges and set high standards for achievement.

Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to build a department that promotes inclusivity and values diversity. We practice mutual respect and value diverse thoughts and experiences by actively listening and seeking to understand each others’ unique perspectives. We actively pursue opportunities to increase our adoption of inclusive behaviors.