Graduate students are typically nominated for scholarships and fellowships by their advisers. However, if you see a scholarship that you might qualify for we encourage you to talk to your adviser to put your name into the applicant pool. If a scholarship is open for general application, an email will be sent to all graduate students in the department. 

brunette woman investigating a vine of purple grapes


Receiving a scholarship has been a great help to me in paying for my educational expenses. I’m committed to working very hard to continue my education and my research on exploring the genetics of grapes. I hope that the results of my study will help the grape industry to expand in Minnesota and other cold regions.

Laise Moreira, Applied Plant Sciences Graduate Student


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List of Graduate Departmental Scholarships & Fellowships

Award Eligibility
Hueg Landscape Arboretum Research Fellowship Awarded to a graduate student in the Department of Horticultural Science with exceptional potential in their field and is interested in performing research at the Arboretum on plants adapted to the Minnesota climate.
Daniels Fellowship in Horticulture Awarded to a graduate student in horticulture studying viticulture, fruit production, or plant breeding and is engaged in research associated with the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum or its Horticultural Research Center.
Landscape Horticulture Fellowship Awarded to a graduate student in horticulture interested in landscape design.
William H. Alderman Memorial Fellowship Awarded to the most outstanding graduate student studying horticultural science that year.
Fellowship in Plant Developmental Biology Awarded to a graduate student demonstrating academic merit and who is co-advised by a faculty member in the Department of Horticultural Science, with a focus in plant developmental biology.
Eldon A. and June E. Tessman Fellowship Awarded to a graduate student studying potato breeding and genetics; the diseases, pathogens, and pests that harm potato crops; management practices for optimal harvests; or post-harvest storage issues or conditions necessary for potato production.