Horticulture Minor

Plants provide many practical and recreational benefits to society, whether it is the food we eat, the parks we play in, or the gardens we admire. Our horticulture minor is geared toward students who want to learn more about plants and their many uses in the landscape.

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Horticulture Minor Requirements

The Horticulture Minor requires 18 credits:

Required Courses - 4 credits
HORT 1001 - Plant Propagation (4 cr)

Horticulture & Elective Courses - 14 credits
At least 14 credits (6 credits must be taken at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities) from courses with a HORT designator, of which one horticulture-related elective course may be substituted (such as SOILS, ENT, PLPA, etc.). At least two HORT courses must be at the 4XXX or 5XXX level. A maximum of 3 credits of Directed Studies (HORT 3093/3094) may be applied.