Seth Wannemuehler

Seth Wannemuehler holding a plant with a trail of leaves in the greenhouse
430 Alderman Hall

1970 Folwell Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55108
United States

James Luby
  • M.S. University of Minnesota, Applied Plant Sciences, 2018 
  • B.S. Purdue University, Plant Sciences, 2015


I am interested in diversifying fruit availability for local production. My research focuses on the examination of kiwiberry as a potential new specialty crop for Minnesota with the goal of identifying ideal harvest times to achieve improved post-harvest storability and fruit quality by observing interactions with pest pressures such as spotted wing drosophila and sooty blotch and flyspeck. Lastly, I am gauging consumer attitudes towards kiwiberry to identify interest level for a new fruit in the Twin Cities area using a second-price auction.

Areas of Interest

fruit and vegetable production; plant breeding

Select Publications

Wannemuehler, S.D., J.J. Luby, C. Yue, D.S. Bedford, R.K. Gallardo, and V.A. McCracken (2019). A Cost–Benefit Analysis of DNA Informed Apple Breeding. HortScience 54:1998-2004.