The 3rd Floor Alderman Lobby Complete!

May 25, 2017

By Echo Martin

Thank you to everyone who donated to our crowd funding campaign to renovate the lobby last December. Thanks to all our alumni, staff, faculty, and even current students we raised nearly $30,000 towards the lobby. A special thank you goes to Emily Hoover, Jim Luby, and Neil Anderson, who matched the donations from the crowd funding campaign.

Because of everyone’s generous donations, whether it was $15 or $1,000, we were able to complete the redesign with all the features included in our original plan. In addition to increasing the seating area and adding a projection screen students can use, photographic artwork detailing department strengths line the walls.

Students actively use the space daily, often occupying every table—particularly before an exam. Thank you again to everyone who gave a gift and spread the word. The third floor lobby has transformed into a welcoming space for the entire department, and we couldn’t have done it without you.