A Letter From The Interim Department Head

May 12, 2023


Dear Horticultural Science Enthusiasts!

It is a pleasure to write to you about our wonderful department that you participate in, support, and appreciate in so many ways. We are passionate horticultural scientists devoted to enhancing the discipline through its arms (research, teaching, extension/outreach) of discovery, interpretation, and transference of novel knowledge to improve the lives of each and every Minnesotan, American, and citizen worldwide.

As the new Interim Department Head, I’ve inherited a financially strong and vision-rich department from my predecessor, Dr. Emily Hoover. On behalf of the department, I offer my sincere thanks to her for the 14 years of superior service as our Department Head and wish her the best in her future retirement plans (May 2023 onwards)! 

While our department has endured many transitions since our last newsletter was published in 2019, from a global pandemic, to virtual learning, to transitions in leadership, our operations have returned to equilibrium, and our research teams continue to be busy asking and answering questions within their disciplines.  My plans for the future of this department stem from our strong foundation and ongoing endeavors to harness the horticultural crop resources for improving lives and pushing our knowledge bases into unknown and exciting new arenas. We’re currently interviewing candidates for our Grape Breeding & Enology faculty position; next we are commencing a search for a Turfgrass Science faculty member. Thus, we’re endeavoring to keep as many faculty competencies onboard within the department as possible.

This year we have awarded many scholarships to undergraduate, professional and graduate student scholars – our next generation of scientists who will discover new things and advance our science. We also have offered scholarships to new, potential incoming freshmen this fall. We can do this because of our generous donors who have and continue to generously give to continue our rich tradition of horticultural science as a national and world leader. Thank you!

I look forward to meeting with each of you and reconnecting with alumni who carry our banner of horticultural excellence across the globe!

Best for a productive 2023 growing season – may it be filled with rich discoveries and innovations that benefit all.

Neil O. Anderson