Fall 2021 Seminar Recordings

December 16, 2021

Recordings are available for 180 days after the date of the seminar. 


Presenters Recording Link Other Materials
Federal, State, and Tribal Legal History: A Brief Overview
Tadd Johnson, UMD
Urban Farming and Food Systems within the Pillsbury United Community Ethan Neal, Melissa Trent, Micah Helle Recording PowerPoint
The influence of drone hyperspectral image processing workflow on nitrogen uptake prediction accuracy in maize  Ce Yang, UMN Recording  
Spring- and summer-planted cover crops in organic vegetable production systems Adria Fernandez, UMN Recording  
Beyond the Menagerie of Plants: The past, present, and future of botanical gardens Tim Johnson, Director of Smith College Botanical Garden Recording  
Gendered Collaboration: Josephine Tilden at the Minnesota Seaside Staton, 1901-1907 Sally Kohlstedt, UMN Recording  
A Non-linear Path Through Plant Science, or 'Our Life Is More Than Our Work, and Our Work Is More Than Our Job Gary Gardner, UMN Recording  
To Eat or Not to Eat - Chemical Ecology and Insect Pests Kate Freund, UMN Recording  
Amplifying Indigenous Voices in Invasive Species and Forest Adaptation Management Danielle Ignace, University of British Columbia Vancouver Recording  

MPS Capstone Projects

  • Steven Van Natta: Wetland Restoration of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s New Gateway Entry
  • Mary Nieting: Municipal Volunteer Community Garden Best Management Practices
  • Cody Jennings: Strategies to Mitigate Turfgrass Damage Caused by the Annual Bluegrass Weevil (Listronotus maculicollis)
MPS Students Recording