Graduate Students

Name Degree Areas of Interest Advisor
Husain Agha Ph.D.

polyploidy, quantitate and population genetics

Laura Shannon
Sarah Anderson M.P.S.

Flower Farming, Sustainable Agriculture, Ecology

Eric Watkins
Joan Manuel Barreto Ortiz M.S.

seed shattering, breeding, image-based phenotyping, perennial ryegrass

Eric Walkins
Nancy Ehlke
Liesl Bower Jernigan Ph.D.

plant breeding, floriculture, salt tolerance

Neil Anderson
Katherine Brewer M.S.

Ornamental Grasses, Prairie Grasses, Prairie Restoration

Mary Meyer
Dominic Christensen M.S.

turfgrass mixtures; roadside seed banks; regional turfgrass mixture recommendations

Eric Watkins
Betsy Custis M.P.S. Eric Watkins
Dallas Drazan M.S.

invasive species, hybridization, clonal spread

Alan Smith
Jacqueline Egan M.P.S. Eric Watkins
Kate Fessler M.S.

Sustainable fruit production, organic systems, agroecology, community outreach and engagement

Neil Anderson
Emily Hoover
Rebecca Fudge Ph.D.

Cover crops, rhizobia, organic systems

Julie Grossman
Matthew Gullickson Ph.D.

integrated pest management, sustainable horticulture and agriculture, and fruit and vegetable production

Mary Rogers
Hannah Hall M.S.

Plant Breeding, Cut Flower Flax, Flax Germplasm

Neil Anderson
Gabriela Hidrobo Ph.D.

organic farming; agroecology; microbial dynamics; food systems

Julie Grossman
Linda Jahnke M.P.S.

propagation, genetics, conservation

Eric Watkins
Cody Jennings M.P.S.

public garden management, urban agriculture and food production

Eric Watkins
Emily Juhl Ph.D.

Flavor and aromatic compounds in apple, soft scald metabolism, plant breeding

James Luby
Adrian Hegeman
Nathan Migdal M.P.S.

habitat restoration, stormwater, mycorrhizae

Eric Watkins
Nicole Mihelich Ph.D.

Fine fescue, sod, rhizomes, polyploidy

Eric Watkins
Laura Shannon
Michael Miller M.S.

image analysis, genomic selection

Laura Shannon
Laise Moreira Ph.D.

Plant breeding, cold-hardy grape, flavor and aroma compound, embryo rescue

Mathew D. Clark
Madison Moses Ph.D.

agroecology, soil nitrogen, sustainable food systems, food and farmer justice

Julie Grossman
Kevin Murray Ph.D.

mass spectrometry, software, discovery

Silvia Balbo
Jerry Cohen
Sharon Perrone Ph.D.

soil health, cover crops, agroecology, diversified farming

Julie Grossman
Albert Radloff Ph.D.

plant breeding, metabolomics, international development, domestication

Neil Anderson
Harrison Reed M.S.

vegetable production, soil biology, plant pathology

Cindy Tong
Julie Grossman
Marie Schaedel Ph.D.

microbial ecology, tropical agriculture, sustainable intensification, climate change, nitrogen cycling, microbiomes

Julie Grossman
Logan Spicer M.S.

Tissue culture, Gene editing/Asexual propagation, Fruit

Matthew Clark
James Luby
Andrew Steward Ph.D.

Molecular biology, plant hormones, molecular pathways, and enzymatic activity

Jerry Cohen
Qian Tang Ph.D.

Auxin biosynthesis, Metabolomics, Mass spectrometry

Jerry Cohen
Heather Tuttle Ph.D.

Polyploidy, differential gene expression, diversity, bioinformatics

Laura Shannon
Nicole Wamma M.P.S.

sustainable farming

Eric Watkins
Seth Wannemuehler Ph.D.

fruit and vegetable production; plant breeding

James Luby
Kevin Yu Ph.D.

Invasive Species, Plant Ecology, Plant Interactions, Conservation & Restoration

Alan Smith
Neil Anderson
Muyideen Yusuf Ph.D.

Population genomics, sequence analysis and plant breeding

Laura Shannon