Introducing Triumph™

February 10, 2021

The next UMN apple has been named! The apple formerly known as MN 1980, a cross of ‘Honeycrisp’ and ‘Liberty’, has been named Triumph™. Triumph™ is a firm fruit with red skin and a slightly tart flavor. The fruit is winter hardy with good disease resistance. 

In September 2020, the UMN Technology Commercialization office sent out a call for names and received nearly 500 suggestions referring to everything from 2020’s biggest events to the uniqueness that is Minnesota. The name the fruit breeding team and OTC ultimately selected expresses a feeling of hope and optimism that is fitting both for this new apple and for our time.

Our very own graduate student, Stephen Brockman of the Hegeman Lab, was the mastermind behind the new name. “I chose the name ‘Triumph’ because creating a fruit cultivar of such high quality is quite literally a triumph,” Brockman explained. “Years of meticulous work by many people culminating in a great achievement. It’s just as much a name as a description.”

Triumph™ trees will be sold primarily to home consumers and small orchards, providing a more disease-resistant option to those looking to plant an apple tree in their own yard. The apples will likely be sold at orchards and farmer’s markets (not at large retailers). A handful of midwest growers will be planting Triumph™ trees this spring, with more trees available for purchase in 2022. But don’t go searching your local farmer’s market just yet; It will be another four to five years before the new apples will be available for purchase.

To learn more about Triumph™ and other UMN apple varieties, visit Minnesota Hardy at A big thanks to all who submitted name ideas and their passion for UMN apples.