Make an Impact

Your support makes a critical difference in what the Department of Horticultural Science is able to do together as a community - in the research we are able to advance, the new programs we are able to create, and the talented students we are able to support. Your spirit of giving is a tremendous vote of confidence in our shared endeavor. The department offers a variety of ways to support students, projects, and programs through tax-deductible contributions. Read more about the different areas of giving below.

The Learning Garden for Horticultural Science Fund provides for a summer internship for two undergraduate who are interested in horticulture. It is an opportunity for them to gain hands-on real-world experience working in a garden. This fund also provides for the plants and structures in the garden as well. 

Every year the department gives away more than $60,000 in scholarships and fellowships to undergraduate and graduate students associated with our department.

Can you imagine a Minnesota spring without the beauty of flowering crabapples, autumn without the gold and maroon of garden chrysanthemums, or a winter day without the enjoyment of a crisp, tart Haralson apple? Our students and faculty members are at the forefront of horticultural research, working hard to make the world a richer place to live now and in the future.