Why Horticulture?


What is Horticulture?

We work with fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and turfgrass, in a variety of labs, fields, golf courses, and garden centers. Rather than staple crops, horticulture focuses on fruit, vegetables, flowers, and landscape plants. As a result, we use creativity to seek sustainable solutions in horticultural research to enhance health and quality of life for the world at large.

Students in the plant science and food systems majors study horticultural science to be challenged intellectually, to work in a job they love, and to make a difference in the quality of life for countless others. Horticulture affects everyone. As a result, the skills you'll learn here will help you to positively impact the world around you.


Group working in a fieldEarning a degree related to horticultural science will prepare you for a variety of careers. Whether you want to work in a lab, a field, a floral shop, at an arboretum, at a botanical garden, on the golf course, or something completely different, the possibilities are endless. Both plant science and food systems majors begin their career experiences early with a required internship and are notified of many other internships and part-time jobs throughout the year.

Transfer Students

Two crouching in a field Plant science or food systems are great majors to consider if you are changing majors within the University of Minnesota, or if you are transferring from another school. The majors are flexible, and the large number of free electives built into them makes it easy to 1) transfer coursework into our majors from other departments or universities or 2) pick up a minor. Please contact Carolyn Larson at cllarson@umn.edu with any questions regarding a potential transfer.

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