Horticultural Science Majors

This major is no longer available to students declaring their major in Fall 2013 or later.

All horticulture majors take introductory courses in biology, chemistry, math, and horticulture; they then specialize their degree by selecting from upper-level courses in the Department of Horticultural Science and its related disciplines. These elected courses are meant as a capstone to the students' core knowledge and help to prepare them for a career in the subfield of their choice. The courses are referred to as a Program of Study. All majors are required to complete a Program of Study with their adviser.

Students tend to organize their programs around one of six subject areas, of which the sample four-year plans can be seen here:

All students also complete University courses fulfilling the liberal education and writing requirements. Students must complete at least 120 semester credits to graduate (approximately 15 credits per semester). All required courses must be taken A/F and a grade of at least C- is required in all core and major requirements.

Undergraduate Studies