Student Clubs

Undergraduate Clubs

Horticulture Club 2013The University of Minnesota is home to a myriad of student groups, from Quidditch Club to Swing Club to major-related clubs.These student groups are a great way to make friends with similar interests and get involved in leadership roles around the University. These clubs offer great experiences such as event organization, professional networking, interesting lectures, and more.

Some of the current clubs that our undergraduate students gravitate towards are the Horticulture Club and the Gopher Crops and Soils Club. Students who see a need are also welcome to start a student group at any time for only $25.

Graduate Clubs

APS Graduate Student Association

APS Toys for Tots driveBeing part of the APS graduate student association helps to promote a cohesive and active cohort of graduate students within the Applied Plant Sciences Graduate Program.

The association organizes social events, community service projects, and education activities throughout the year. Some of their larger events include a fall Sloppy Joe Lunch, Pioneer Plant Breeding Symposium, Monsanto Production Symposium, Soup Lunch for Second Harvest Heartland, and a Toys for Tots collection drive.

To Join
Members must be graduate students in the Applied Plant Science Graduate Program. Meetings are held every two months during the school year. All graduate students in the APS program are considered eligible members and become "active" upon attending at least one meeting per semester. Visit the SUA website for more information on joining.

PBS Phytograd Club

PBS Club 2014The main purpose of the Phytograd Club is for students and faculty in the Plant Biological Sciences (PBS) graduate program to interact and share information.

The Phytograd club meets twice per year, primarily to volunteer for event planning committees in the fall and to elect new officers in the spring. Phytograds plans several events, like the PBS Annual Retreat, a greenhouse party, and a fall soup lunch.

To Join
All PBS graduate students are automatically members, but all who are interested in plant biology and interacting with PBS graduate program members are welcome to join. Visit the SUA website for more information on joining.