Logan Spicer

462 Alderman Hall

1970 Folwell Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108
United States

Matthew Clark
James Luby
Applied Plant Science

B.S. Rowan University, Biological Sciences and Minor in Chemistry 2019


Most of my research experience comes from an ecological background specifically studying tropical forest dynamics. My interests lie more in the realm of plant biotechnology, genetics, and molecular biology. Although all aspects of plants interest me such as botany, physiology, horticulture, ethnobotany etc.

My current research project is focused on investigating candidate genes for Phylloxera resistance in a grape variety (Vitis vinifera). The goal is to sequence the fine mapped region of the chromosome with this resistance and implement targeted gene knock-outs. We will also be testing/developing methods of the gene knock-out candidate resistance as well as testing de novo meristem imitation in apples.

Areas of Interest

Tissue culture, Gene editing/Asexual propagation, Fruit

Select Publications

  • Spicer R.L., Lugo A.E., and Ruhl N. 2020. Landform type mediates compositional change in a hurricane-disturbed sub-tropical forest. Ecological Processes. 
  • Spicer R.L. and Lugo A.E. 2017. Temporal Trends of Structure, Species Composition, and Functioning in an Urban Forest. Acta Científica, 29:1-3, 92-108.