Gabriela Hidrobo

Gabriela Hidrobo wearing glasses and rain boots squatting in a rainforest
Julie Grossman
Applied Plant Science

M.S. James Cook University, Australia, Natural Resource Management 2015


Originally from Ecuador, Gabriela earned a bachelor's degree in Agro-industrial engineering at National Polytechnic School in Quito and then traveled to Cairns-Australia to obtain a master's degree in Natural Resources Management at James Cook University. She worked as a full-time lecturer and researcher at her alma mater for five years, teaching Biology, Chemistry, and Crop Science in the Andes, and also participated in research related to fungal enzymes. She is passionate about planning and putting in place organic farming systems that enhance the overall health of the ecosystem. She has participated in the management of organic farms in the highlands and subtropical regions of Ecuador. Gabriela is currently working on her Ph.D. in the Grossman Lab with a focus on microbial dynamics and cover cropping. Outside of work and study, Gabriela enjoys nature contemplation, live music, hiking and friends' gatherings.

Areas of Interest

organic farming; agroecology; microbial dynamics; food systems

Select Publications

PREECE, N., VAN OOSTERZEE, P., HIDROBO, G. & LAWES, M., 2017. National carbon model not sensitive to species, families and site characteristics in a young tropical reforestation project. Forest Ecology and Management. Volume 392 pp. 115-124.