Dallas Drazan

headshot of Dallas Drazen wearing a jean jacket in front of a painting of leaves
358 Alderman

1970 Folwell Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55108
United States

Alan Smith
  • B.S. Texas Tech University, Natural Resources Management, 2015


Dallas is pursuing her master’s in the Applied Plant Science graduate program at the University of Minnesota. She is researching invasive knotweed to delineate the species composition, level of diversity, and degree of introgression of knotweed in Minnesota. Dallas received her Bachelor of Science from Texas Tech University in natural resources management. Before beginning her master’s research, she worked as a weed science research technician for Texas A&M AgriLife, lived abroad, and worked for a local tree care company in the Twin Cities.

Areas of Interest

invasive species, hybridization, clonal spread