Spring 2022 Seminar Recordings

April 21, 2022


View our seminar recordings from the spring semester. Recordings will be added week by week. Recordings are available for 180 days after the date of the seminar. 

Title Presenters Recording Link Other Materials
Title Research update: Native vs Non-native Plants Alan Smith, UMN Recording  
Wild Rice in Minnesota: Building bridges between communities to save the staple grain Abigail Roweder, Finland Food Chain Recording  
Kermit Olson Memorial Lecture - Fostering Connections- People, Plants, and Markets 2021 Alumni Award Recipient, David Zlesak, UWRF Recording  
Hormones of the Holobiont:  New Technologies for more Sustainable and Climate Change Resilient Agriculture Don Smith, McGill Recording  
Identification of genetic mechanisms to redesign crop production systems for sustainability John McKay, Colorado State Recording  
Art at the Arb: The role of Art in Nature Wendy DePaolis, UMN Landscape Arboretum Recording  
Genetic Genealogy of Apples Nick Howard, Fresh Forward Breeding & Marketing Recording  
Plants and Placemaking Matthew Cunningham, Harvard University Recording  
Kernza-CAP, creating a model for environmentally friendly food systems Jessica Gutknecht, UMN Recording  
Breeding specialty crops, especially hemp Tom Michaels, UMN Recording  
Hemp – an old-world crop being reinvented: regulations and industry outlook Tony Cortilet, Mn Dept Ag.