Congratulations to Those Named 'CFANS Hunger Fighters'

June 16, 2021

CFANS solicited nominations for 50 CFANS Hunger Fighters, from current students and recent graduates to seasoned professionals, in all workforce sectors across the globe. Congratulations to those associated with our department who received the nomination!

Geoff Graham (MS ‘91, Agriculture and Horticultural Plant Breeding)

Bryant Jones ('21 Plant Science)

Margaret Krause (BS ‘14, Applied Plant Science)

Tessa Mahmoudi (BS '15, Plant Sciences)

Mary Rogers (BS '03, Environmental Horticulture; MS ‘08 Entomology)

Adynn Stedillie (undergraduate in Plant Science)

Tiffanie Stone (BS '12, Applied Plant Science)

Priscilla Trinh (Undergraduate student in Sustainable Systems Management with minors in Food Systems and Management)

Julia Strautman (BS ‘20, Food Systems, Technical Writing and Communications)

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