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Gardens, Fruits, and Vegetables

Gardens and Fruit

If you have a question about your home garden, then Ask Extension can help by phone, email, or in person. The Extension website has articles about most of the plants that grow in Minnesota, as well as tools to help identify weeds, insects, and diseases. 

Pests and Plant Disease

Pests and Plant Disease

Not sure what’s wrong with your plant? Submit a disease sample to the Plant Disease Clinic through the Department of Plant Pathology.

For insect-related questions, contact the Department of Entomology. They can help you with everything from pest identification to pest management.

Trees, Fungi, and Soil


For tree-related questions, contact a Minnesota Tree Care Advisor.

If you have inquiries about mushrooms and other fungi—or would simply like to learn more about them—visit the Minnesota Mycological Society website.

If you’re looking to test your soil or get fertilizer recommendations, contact the Soil Testing Lab.

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People in Horticultural Science

The primary mission of the Department of Horticultural Science is to discover, interpret, and transfer new knowledge to improve the quality life of Minnesotans and the world at large—but to do this we need your help. You can learn how to support students, projects, or programs through tax-deductible contributions on our giving page.

Departmental Questions

Student Services

If you have questions regarding this website, student services, the alumni newsletter, scheduling a visit, or other general inquiries please get in touch with us.
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