Doug Brinkman

Research Professional 3
186 PGF West
1538 Gortner Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55108
+1 612 384 2478

Contact me for help with:

Doug Brinkman manages and oversees the Growth Chambers located on the St. Paul Campus. He is employed by the MAES, but works for university personnel who are using growth chambers for research, plant propagation or seed production. He manages and maintains growth chambers for users but also hopes to be a resource for users who would like to discuss controlled environments and artificial light sources as they relate to plant growth and development. There is much to learn so Doug also hopes to have meaningful conversations with users that will improve my understanding of their needs in order to find positive methods to meet those needs.

Contact Doug in regard to:

  • Using growth chambers for controlled environment research
  • Discussing the capabilities of the chambers and what chambers would be best suited for the type of plant research they intend to pursue
  • Concerns regarding light quality and quantity, including UV or the Shade Avoidance Response (SAR, SAS), as well as how to measure photo-synthetically active radiation (PAR) and take spectra of their lamps for publishing purposes
  • Using the model plant arabidopsis thaliana for research
  • Discussions regarding new lighting and chamber technology 
Doug Brinkman in lab