Highlights: Spring/Summer 2019

WautersFixed that for you

Graduate student, Vivian Wauters, took 2nd place in the 2018 ACSESS Annual Photo Contest with “Fixed that for you”. z.umn.edu/3zwf

“Inside of these modules, microbes are harnessing an element that we all need for life! Rhizobia partner with legumes to convert atmospheric nitrogen into an organic form. This symbiotic process has been a key mechanism behind soil fertility for millennia.” — Vivian Wauters, Graduate Student

CareerpanelFood Systems Career Panel

“It was wonderful to hear from successful alumni who are excelling in their careers. This panel was a great opportunity to gain insight on the curricular experiences that were most valuable to alumni as they transitioned into the workforce. We are happy that so many alumni of this program are doing wonderful things.” — Mary Rogers, Assistant Professor

AndersonLabIn the Lab

“This is a typical image for our research in the Anderson flower lab. We image Pyrethrum flowers in cross-section and then count the trichomes (the small oval-shaped structures). There are approximately 52,000- 135,000 trichomes per flower. We image 3 flowers per genotype to help determine which of our plants might be good parents or good for production. This year we counted trichomes on 624 flowers representing 179 genotypes.” — Michele Schermann, Researcher

WatkinsHonoring Professor Eric Watkins

Eric Watkins was awarded the 2018 Crop Science Teaching Award from the Crop Science Society of America.

“The Crop Science Teaching Award is an honor I will soon not forget; to win such an award from a major professional organization is possibly the highlight of my career.” — Eric Watkins, Professor

June 6, 2019

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