Alumni Spotlight: Remembering Arnold Blomquist

Arnold Blomquist

In early August, alumnus Arnold ‘Arne’ Blomquist passed away. Arne earned his master’s degree (1961) and Ph.D. (1963) from the University of Minnesota in horticulture, genetics, and biology. Known for his strength of character and physical constitution, Arne used his extraordinary intelligence and bold leadership to spearhead many projects. He had led military, professional, religious, and education programs that benefit humanity and are a credit to the University.

Perhaps his most notable accomplishment however was his involvement in designing, launching, and administering Tumaini University — now the University of Iringa — in Iringa, Tanzania, which is currently the headquarters for the Institute of Agriculture. Through the University of Iringa, Arne spread his passion for higher education and helped to improve agricultural practices in Tanzania; today the school boasts an enrollment of about 4,500 students.

While he is interred in Michigan, a burial spot is also reserved for him at the University of Iringa to acknowledge his outstanding accomplishments.


December 14, 2015

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