Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2015 Kermit A. Olson Memorial Lecture and Scholarship Ceremony on April 1, and congratulations to all of our scholarship and award winners. Because of our generous donors, in 2015 we awarded over $60,000 in scholarships. See the full list of recipients and the scholarships they won below, or go to Facebook to see pictures from the event. The criteria for each scholarship can be seen on our Scholarships page.

2015 Kermit Olson ReceptionVincent K. Bailey Scholarship
Kelly Aves
Eric Branch
Jace Galley
Michael Gates
Connor Hagemeyer
Reilly McNaught
Baylee Miller
Veronica Sondervan
Emily Swanson
Stefan Swenson

Thomas M. and Drusilla Paist McGill Scholarship
Matthew Erickson
Laura Hayes
Sarah Holle
Jaana Iverson
Moriah Maternoski
Drew Zagala

Phil and Mary Allen Scholarship
Jennifer Lavalley
Sonora Nolan-Rapatz

St. Anthony Park Garden Club Scholarship2015 Kermit Olson Scholarship Winners
Victoria Housewright

Minnesota Garden
Flower Society Scholarship
Matthew Ng

Arthur E. Hutchins Scholarship
Rachel Brann
Ellen Goedtke
Samuel Voss

Edgar & Arlene Graupman Scholarship
Lauren Innes
Alatheia Stenvik

Dale & Ingebor
Smith Scholarship
Moriah Maternoski

2015 Kermit Olson Outstanding Student Employee AwardsGideon Memorial Scholarship
Matthew Erickson

Leon C. Snyder Scholarship
Mitchal Peterson
Tyler Schmidt
Marie Sorensen
Aaryn Wilson

Soil & Sunshine Garden Club
Erin Pfarr

Richard A. Hamilton Scholarship
Mitchal Peterson

Markhart Organics Scholarship
Kevalin Auluck-Wilson
Nicholas Greatens
Moriah Maternoski
Evelyn Reilly
Angela Schuster2015 Kermit Olson Scholarship Ceremony
Xin Sia
Yordanose Solomone
Aaryn Wilson

Wagner’s Greenhouse Scholarship
Matthew Ng

George and Mary Lou Klacan Scholarship
Erica Gardner

Gordon & Margaret Bailey Scholarship
Caitlin Barnhart
Laura Hayes
Victoria Hoeppner
Aaryn Wilson

Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association Scholarship
Victoria Housewright
Beth Lande2015 Kermit Olson Lecture presented by Jim Veteto
Rebecca Splichal
Ashley Trout
Drew Zagala

ASHS Collegiate Scholars Awards
Caitlin Barnhart
Jory Brettingen
Ryan Gavin
Moriah Maternoski
Ziyi Qian
Christopher Scofield
Ana Taylor
Natalie Vandenburgh

ASHS Outstanding Undergraduate Student
Sarah Mittelstadt

The Gordon and Margaret Bailey Scholarship for MPS
Andrew Haberman
Alexandra Hussey
Michele Manske
Richard Traugott

Daniels Fellowship in Horticulture
Nick Howard
Sarah Kostick
Soon Li Teh

Hueg Landscape Arboretum Research Fellowship
Emily Ellingson

Reid Landscape-Horticulture Fellowship
Madeline Leslie

Fellowship in Plant Developmental Biology
Molly Kreiser

Munich & Wahler Memorial Fellowship
Jared Rubinstein

William H. Alderman Memorial Graduate Award
Hannah Swegarden

Outstanding Student Employee Award
Laura Hayes
Connor Klemenhagen
Lindsey Miller

Outstanding Staff Service Award
Bill Peters